Construction Material

Pidilit Industries
structral repairs, caulks, crack fills and sealant, bonding agents and additives, surface angles. 
Polythene sheets 
100 to 2000 guage polythene sheets
hardware products
GI binding wires, steel props, flexel sheets,wheel barrows, hessian cloth, wooden planks, shuttering clamps, thumb steel, nails, wire nails, pvc glues, shellac, silicon sealant. 
Riew – man hole covers
Cast iron and ductile iron manhole covers
Ekamant coated abrasives
Sanding belts, narrow belts, sanding rolls, sheets spongesand pads.
Garniga and witox wood working tools
Saw blades, cutters, router bits and cnc tools 
Insumat waterproofing membrane
Waterproofing membranes and bitumen primers and other coating products
Birla wall care putty
Water resistant white cement based putty algae and fungi proof
Decorative paints, industrial coating, marine paints and fire retardant paints

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