Wood Preservation

Kiln Drying of Wood 

ABOUNABIL.LLC has installed a state of art and modern wood Drying Kiln in Muscat to solve the wood working and joinery Industry. It is operated by experienced wood technologist To give our customers 100% satisfaction in quality and service. When wood is cut, it has a high percentage of moisture content And slowly the water starts evaporating from the wood till it reaches The atmospheric water content. 

Atmospheric water content varies from time to time and season to season.This natural drying process is very slow and takes years to reach the. Acceptable moisture content to 12-15%. The wood works and joinery made out of wet starts failing.ie-joints. Will become loose and will develops cracks and wood will get distorted After some times. 

To avoid this, it is always recommended to use wood, which is having 12-15% Moisture content so that the final product remain stable. The wood seasoned (dried) and using hot air in a controlled condition in specially Made chamber is called kiln dry wood. 


Termite Treatment

Oman is termite zone, means the termite growth and its attack is likely In this region, this destroys wood very rapidly. To safeguard costly wood works and joinery from termite attacks, the Wood is treated in especially made treatment plant with special chemicals. And advanced up to date method of treating the wood against termite Is VAC VAC process. 

ABOUNABIL LLC has installed 2 numbers state of art of VAC VACplants to treat the wood against the termite both for internal and external use of wood. We are associated with renowned U.K firm M/S: Arch chemicals Ltd,who are in the field of termite treatment from last 50 years for giving us technology and patented materials to treat wood against termite attack. Treat your wood against termite before using the wood to safe guard agains termite attacks.

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