Aerated light weight screed is created by inclusion of micro air bubbles in a cement based mixture. This is achieved by mixing the foaming chemical with water and compressed air then by generating foam. The foam is than injected directly into the concrete mixer which completes the process by mixing it with sand/cement/water slurry, which forms into Homogenous ready light weight screed. 

Benefits of using Aerated light weight screed

  • Aerated light screed is used to provide slope on roof so that water can easily flow to drain outlet.
  • Aerated light weight screed act as first level of insulation.
  • By using Aerated Light weight screed structural cost can be reduced.
  • Aerated light weight screed is used in filling of sunken slab in toilets of multi storey buildings.
  • Aerated light weight screed is used in mass filling of earth in industrial structure to insulate the earth.

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